Launch Yourself: You Have to Believe

“What you focus on you find, what you focus on seems real, what you focus on grows, and what you focus on you become.” – Rod Hairston

“Whether you think you can or you can’t, you’re right.” – Henry Ford

We are on a journey of self-launchenment. It’s cool, we can make up words for this because it’s our trail and we are the ones calling the shots. If you followed along with the last post in this series, you already know that the first step to launching yourself is to figure out who you actually are (your personal brand). Once you know who you are and what you have to offer, the next step is convincing yourself that you have what it takes to launch. Read more


You Can Lead a Horse to Water…

The first step to launching anything is to make yourself vulnerable and start. However, this is much easier said than done.

You can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make it drink. Have you ever stopped to really think about this one? I know sayings like this have a tendency to become so redundant that they lose all meaning to us.

Forget that you have heard the saying a million times and play a short game with me. Let’s just say the horse is you (or me).

Now, imagine with me that we have been tearing up the meadow all day. Galloping as hard as we can. We are tired. We are thirsty. The only thing that will quell this thirst is water. A drink. The problem is, we are fenced in and we can’t get out. There is a lake 20 steps away. Not just any lake, this is like Wallowa Lake in the mountains of Oregon. It’s clear and cool, but we are on the wrong side of the fence. Read more


Create Value, Pursue Growth

Change has always been a constant in my life. Regardless of how we feel about it, change happens. Whether you and I like it or not, the world keeps spinning and life keeps accelerating around us. We go from single to married. From no kids to too many. From minimum wage jobs to positions of leadership. As we get older, nothing stays the same. Our friendships have changed, our goals have changed, our homes have changed, and the list goes on.

I have been thinking on this topic of change quite a lot in the last couple weeks. So much that I have actually started to develop a mantra that I believe applies t every part of my life. Although I cannot control change, I cannot stop the world from evolving around me, I can control myself. I do have power over my thoughts and my actions today. Read more